Bluetooth earbud's microphone works perfectly with Windows10 but does not work on Manjaro Linux

I am using Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 bluetooth earbud. Its microphone works perfectly fine while am using Google Meet, Zoom or Discord on Windows10.

But Manjaro Linux only detects the the laptops built-in microphone.

My built in microphone is a crap. It catches a lot of noise which create disturbance on the other end.

It would be lifesaver for me if someone guide me to connect my bluetooth earbuds microphnone.

I can’t help with the earbuds but at least in the meantime you could use NoiseTorch AUR (en) - noisetorch to still be able to use the internal microphone.

You have run it first, click in load, and then start Zoom. It’ll not pickup the virtual microphone otherwise. Also, remember to select it in the settings.

  1. The Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 doesn’t have Linux drivers so if they’re still under full warranty, return them for a full refund and get ones that are certified Linux-compatible.
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