Blender launches with iMath linking error

Whenever I launch blender in terminal it does not start but isntead throws the following error:

blender: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I googled this error and got another result from someone who just needed to do pacman-mirrors and restart, but this has been happening for several weeks over multiple updates and restarts, and has consistently persisted (in the mean time I’ve been using the downloaded Blender executable because I didn’t have time to troubleshoot). Thus, this error is NOT the same as this one: Wrong version libImath for Blender - #15 by KubikPixel I already attempted all the solutions there and in other threads. I am using the default “stable” repo and both Blender and IMath are from the official repos as well, not from the AUR. As I’ve said, this error has persisted over multiple full system updates (yay -Syyu) and many, MANY restarts.

The output of LD_DEBUG=files blender is here:

Please help me I am at wits end

Hello there!

While not ideal, can you try the Flatpak version of Blender?

Instructions onhow to deal with Blender can be found here: Flatpak - Manjaro

I’m sure the flatpak would work as it is including the libraries inside of it, however, at that point, there’s no reason I would use it as opposed to the downloaded executable from Blender’s website. Is there a way to fix my native Blender installation?