Wrong version libImath for Blender

When I start Blender in the terminal:

/usr/bin/blender: error while loading shared libraries: libImath-3_0.so.26: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

In the Arch repo and on my system is imath 3.1.1-1 installed and this is the reason for the error. Dear Manjaro Team, can you fix this, this error is coming up with the latest update from today.

I see blender 2.93.1-4 is in stable, and from the changelog in Arch – since i suppose the package comes from them – it should use that new version of imath since 2.93.1-3.
Are you up to date?

My Blender pakage version is: 17:2.93.1-4, yes the same as yours.

I’ve just updated my system, and I’ve also got Blender installed. It comes up without any problems, even when started from a terminal.

Your system is probably not fully up-to-date, or else you’ve got certain AUR packages installed instead of the official repo versions and you haven’t updated the AUR packages. Or is this a Snap/FlatPak thing, perhaps? :thinking:

Nope all package updo date and only native AUR & Manjaro packages, no Snap ore some of this and yes I reboot my system after update to be 101% shure.

It is possible that you’ve updated your system before your mirror was fully synced. Try the following in a terminal and see whether it’s pulling in something new… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman-mirrors -f 5 && pamac update --aur --devel

@Aragorn: Pamac say my after your terminal command: Nothing to do

Usual case when after the update the system was not rebooted.

Yes I know but I wane see is this only a old version of the lib in the memory ore installed and is the installed one. It is the version of the lib, what I write it above, what is your problem to not change this? :man_shrugging:

All branches have now the same imath package version.
That contains the /usr/lib/libImath-3_1.so.29
so the

doesn’t exist anymore, hence you have to reboot, so blender uses the new library …

How did you concluded i have a problem and what exactly should be changed ?


Sorry no, and this is the problem: Blender search for 3.0 but installed is 3.1 (the new one). This is what i wrote above, or not?

Blender from official repositories, on all branches works fine, after rebooting the updated system. I tested it.

Please provide:
pacman -Qi blender
pacman -Qi imath
pacman -F /usr/lib/libImath*


YES; YES; YES all this I have check out! I wrote clear what the problem is, c’mon. :angry:
This all this Versions are installed on my system what we are mentioned above. You read my error message? Blender search for the wrong lib, this is the problem!

Now i’ll say goodby and good luck!

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@bogdancovaciu: Sorry but I think I was clear, this is why I wrote to rude.

ldconfig runs at boot time. After an update which replaces a number of important libraries, you should always reboot, so that the library cache can be updated.

As I told you higher up the thread, on my machine here, Blender starts without any problems. So the problem is clearly specific to your installation, but you left out the crucial information that you had not rebooted your system after updating because you were having some OCD issue about the latest versions being installed.

Your omission of the fact that you hadn’t rebooted yet was misleading the people who were trying to help you. And then you picked up an attitude because the helpful person kept on telling you to reboot.

I think we can safely end this discussion now, so I’m closing the thread and I am marking @bogdancovaciu’s post as the solution.