Blender add-on "Import-Export: GLTF 2.0 Format" error due to python (missing Compression options)

I asked the developers, they said that they had nothing to do with it.

I used Manjaro Linux v22.0
Blender 3.4.0 installed from official repo

I realized that the error occurs in the console only when exporting.

15:33:10 | ERROR: Draco mesh compression is not available because library could not be found at /usr/lib/python3.10/site-packages
15:33:18 | INFO: Starting glTF 2.0 export
15:33:18 | INFO: Extracting primitive: Cube
15:33:18 | INFO: Primitives created: 1
15:33:18 | INFO: Finished glTF 2.0 export in 0.006594419479370117 s

I also read this topic
Blender is missing compression options when exporting to glTF
But there it was about the installation of AUR.

I have not tried installing from other sources. In fact, I can compress the file (GLB) in other ways. But the very fact that this function does not work in Blender from the official repository.