Blender 3.2 HIP do not detect rx 6800 xt GPU

I have installed Manjaro on the KDE version. My graphics card is Asus tuf rx6800xt oc, CPU Ryzen 5600x. I installed blender 2.3 which should support AMD GPUs but HIP doesn’t detect my card. I am a novice user, I did not install anything extra, just the system and automatic updates. Please help :slight_smile:


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Thank you for your help. I skip the installation of official drivers … you need to be a programmer-engineer for that. Are there any plans for open source drivers to support Blender? Moreover, I noticed that ray tracing is not supported in games (cp2077). Will this also be supported someday?

Maybe you missed the point where it says: opencl-amd. That is the AUR package which installs the proprietary libs.

pamac build opencl-amd

Indeed Raytracing works from the driver side, but implementation in wine is another task. You need vkd3d which is the translation layer for dx12.