How to Install 22.10.X Mesa Drivers?

A new version of Blender came out that added support for AMD GPUs. Since I have an RX 6600 I downloaded it and tried to select it in the options menu, only to see a message that told me I needed a driver version of 22.10 or later to use the new feature. I checked my current one using “glxinfo -B” and saw that I had 20.4 or something, so I updated it expecting it to go up to 22.10, but I was only able to get 22.2. Is it not out yet? Surely it is, or else the Blender devs wouldn’t have been able to test the new feature. I even updated my kernel from 5.15 to 5.18 rc7 and updated my drivers again only to get 22.2. Is it possible to get the necessary driver, or am I missing something?

There is no 22.10, it’s 22.1.0.

There’s no such release. mesa 22.1.1 is the latest version available in the testing and unstable branch. You can either wait for the next stable branch update or switch branches.

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So “22.10” is a typo and the problem is with Blender?

This currently requires the 22.10 Linux driver from the AMD Radeon repository.

Reference/Release Notes/3.2/Cycles - Blender Developer Wiki

Blender officially supports only the proprietary drivers from both AMD and NVIDIA

Blender - ArchWiki

It’s not referring to Mesa, it’s referring to Radeon Software for Linux. See AMDGPU PRO - ArchWiki

Oh, thanks for you help. I guess I’ll have to use Ubuntu on a flash drive or something to render stuff xD

Edit: Never mind, that didn’t work either. I’ll just have to stick to rendering with my CPU unless HIP gets implemented into Mesa somehow. : /