Black screen when resuming from suspend

Behavior : whenever the system goes into suspend, be it manually or automatically, on resume I get a black screen with a cursor.
If I kill kscreenlocker_greet I can access my desktop again.
If I disable screenlocking I don’t get the black screen.
Running 5.8.6-1 with 450xx nvidia drivers. Same behavior with 5.7.19-2

Added to which, after resuming from suspend I get a corrupted left panel (showing only a black bar) in system settings.

This behavior does not manifest itself with 440xx nvidia drivers, only the 450xx ones.


Have a look at my profile:

So please revert back to the 440 series, unless you have a compelling reason (E.G. newer CUDA, unsupported card) to be on the 450 series and in that case:

Please live with it…