Black screen, no input

Earlier I had tried changing my wallpaper and when the settings wouldn’t load, I figured I’d reboot since it was needed after the last update I installed anyway. After POST, I got the usual splash screen with three dots and then there’s just a black screen with a flashing underscore in the top left. CRTL + ALT + F2 does not get me a terminal command prompt.

I’ve read that sometimes this can be related to nvidia driver issues. I’m unsure if that’s the case, but it’s worth mentioning that approx 10 days ago when updating I got a warning (which I screenshot and saved just in case) stating:

Warning: installing nvidia-utils (460.80-1) breaks dependency ‘nvidia-utils=460.73.01’
Add linux59-nvidia to remove

I very rarely reboot my system, so while I think it’s unlikely that there’s been a reboot since I received this warning, I honestly am not certain whether I have or not in that time.

FYI, a new kernel or video driver update will not be loaded until reboot. That’s a good time to do so.

Did you search the forum before posting? This had been covered numerous times. Example:

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Finally I have time to actually work on this. Thank you for the reply! I looked through the post and to be honest, I understood it a little but ultimately have no idea how to do any of the actions mentioned. Could I get some help with that first?

A friend gave me a link to reinstall the nvidia drivers; I assume that’s what is being discussed in the aforementioned article.

New problem: I can’t seem to chroot despite the partition being mounted.

[sudo] password for manjaro:
==> ERROR: Can’t create chroot on non-directory
~ >>>