Black screen after updates

Alienware 17 laptop has some issues with the latest updates, running manjaro on an external 2 TB seagate. its using NVIDIA GTX 770 driver which is suspect due to the lack of GUI from Manjaro. when I reboot it will show the login page in contrast mode with no graphic but has the field to enter the passcode and dispalys the correct time in white on black screen. I tried switching to 5.15 from 5.1 which worked successfully but is still in contrast safe mode with black screen. I tried using TTY to update the packages to resolve but did not work. I also tried startx which had no effect but have been reluctatnt to try a live boot remedy as I can still access the command line, but have no farging idea how to proceed at this point. one useful note is that I rebooted 5.15 and entered my passcode and tested the sleep selection by toggling it and it did put the machine to sleep,

To help diagnose your problem please provide the output of
inxi -v7azy

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See if this will help:

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Hi and thanks for the reply.

I ran the command and it was a bit verbose, will try to copy it.
I checked the journal and I got some serious issues including a broken BIOS , kernel DMAR ,MDS CPU bug , data leak ACPI error,field VBS1 in parentheses, CORE DUMP on processes 1132, 1279 , 1264 ,and a b43 phy0 Error ! Yowza