Black screen after hp-uninstall

So i tryed to install hp printer drivers to my laptop. I types sudo su and then pkill python and then hp-uninstall.
Then reboot.
Now im stuck at this screen

I have timeshift backup(external hdd), but i cant use them cause:

Probably its an intel driver problem



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Via pacman

Cause i couldnt uninstall it, it was running and i couldnt find any source except python.

Why? Did you get errors or something?

cat /var/log/pacman.log
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I got. It said that it is running.

I cant use the clbin command, i cant find the '.

I don’t see logs for the removal…
You might want to try it again, though since you removed the application outside the package manager, you might get errors because files are missing.

You more notably skipped the minus character in the command.

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I solved it,

Booted a live usb and run timeshift from there.

I reallz appreciate your time. Thanks a lot for trying to help me.
Love you.

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