Black screen after hardware change/BIOS update

Hey guys,
i got a problem i cant solve.

Story first: My System was running Windows + Manjaro on dual boot (EFI/GPT).
After my RX 5700 XT died i got a RX 6700 XT and also updated my Bios.

Now i cant select Grub/Manjaro in boot menu. So i got the newest ISO(also checked SHA1) and put it on my bootable stick with Ventoy. So iam able to see the Grub of the live image.

I tried to boot in my original install (kernel 5.10) with “Detect EFI boot loaders” but got only a black screen.
But i get the same black screen when i try to boot the live image (kernel 5.13).
I cant see my curser and cant open any console.

The Hardware itself is working fine since everything works flawless on Windows.

Not sure what i can do since i cant even get into live image to chroot into my system.
Any of guys got an Idea?

Are we sure 6700 XT is working with kernel+amdgpu ?

Ok i was able to open Console now with Ctrl + Alt +F2 after some tries.
I updated my whole system with sudo pacman -Syu
and installed new kernel with sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux514
Previous was 5.10.
But when i boot 5.14 i cant open the console anymore.

And yeah, other wrote that 6700 XT work with open source driver and current kernel.

Was finaly able to fix my system.
amdgpu.ppfeaturemask=0xffffffff was set in grub…
needed this when i undervolted my 5700 xt

RX 6700 XT works flawless now.

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