Black sceen with mouse cursor

Hi community,
I made some customization to my kde desktop environment, after that when the system feels for it the screen turn black and only mouse cursor. i have a Radeon RX550 GPU.
I also have noticed that Timeshift is not working, it let me to add the partition and the process completes, but i don’t see any backup in the list. its simply empty.
Also noticed that my pci-e paralel card is not installed.
i belive all this happened after the update, what have i done wrong?
can you please help me?

can you boot into TTY, in the black screen press ctrl+alt+f2 - if f2 doesnt work, try with f1-f6 keys



thank you for your reply,
System seems to be fine, i can press ctl+F2 to search the console to type in command reboot, so my conclusion is that everything on desktop and its environment . Sigh forgot to add that the system take ages to restart or shutdown. micro seconds before shutdown, a post shows and disperses. so it seems that something is wrong with the shut down and reboot process to!

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so can you boot into TTY?

You are freaking awesome, thank you!

Seems to not work when CTL+ALT+F2 is pressed!

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