Big problems with the kernel 6.x series


Sorry to say that, but for me, kernel 6.x series are not very good. I encountered problems with two laptops. I tried the kernel 6.1 LTS and the kernel 6.3. With the kernel 6.1 LTS, I encountered kernel panics on one of the laptop and display tearing and stuttering on the other. Same thing with the kernel 6.3 on the display issue. I installed the kernel 5.4 series and I have no problems. It seems that kernel 5.x series is more stable then the kernel 6.x series.


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Well, maybe it seems so, but I guess kernel 6.x has features, which are not compatible with your laptops. Note that major Updates (5.x → 6.x) has always some breaking changes. Therefore, you are free to use an older supported kernel for your older laptops.

This post contains some inaccuracy.

I mean, yes, with every new kernel version, there may be some new features and updates not being compatible with older systems.

But these changes/features/updates doesn’t haven’t anything to do with the first number of the kernel version anymore, actually.
The first number will be increased, if the number after the first dot exceeds 20. So, tbh, kernel version 6.0 could have been called 5.21 as well.