Best UI for Pine64 Phone for daily use

Hello everybody. Got my PinePhone yesterday. It was preinstalled with stock rom (Manjaro Plasma Mobile). I want use Manjaro on it anyways.
A few questions:

  1. What is the best UI for daily use? There are thre common UIs: Lomiri, Phosh and Plasma Mobile. It should be relatively stable, i know i am on BETA, so no worries if there every UI is having some Problems.
  2. Is there a good FAQ how to flash the phone. (german prevered :smiley: )
  3. How do i Backup data the best way?
  4. How can i support Manjaro financially the best way?

Thanks in Advance



For me and overall it seems that Phosh is the most usable and functional. Plamo is in very heavy development and fixes/updates (iā€™m referring to the plasma-mobile-dev that uses git versions of packages) has some ups and downs, and it depends how much time you want to invest in testing things. Apparently the pasma-mobile stable is usable, but you might not find all the things to test ā€¦ Lomiri is still missing some functionality, and might not work for you as daily driver.

You can flash on SD cards any of the img provided and boot from them. For the internal storage you can use jumpdrive img and follow their instructions GitHub - dreemurrs-embedded/Jumpdrive: Flash/Rescue SD Card image for PinePhone and PineTab or follow the official PinePhone Installation Instructions - PINE64

At the rate i was doing tests, never backup anything, just contacts and some photos, but that can be done trough ssh.


What you choose is a matter of preference - my experience matches the one of @bogdancovaciu - phosh.

I have but together some tips and tricks in this topic

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Thank you all for the fast and friendly Answers. I appreciate this. Going to support manjaro yearly with 60ā‚¬. Hope this helps to keep up the good work.

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Just remember to donate to the ARM team if you want to support.