Baloo in LXQT, File Manager Search Support?

Now I’m getting a bit more serious. I was glad I discovered there is a Manjaro LXQT ISO by the community that I know from this thread.

What I liked about KDE was that Dolphin could search files using Baloo, which I still have now as I installed LXQT on the installed official KDE ISO.

If I downloaded the ISO from index I believe it will not have Baloo and Dolphin.

Would it be OK to install Baloo after that? Can I get it to work with the default PCManFM-Qt File Manager or should I install Dolphin and uninstall PCManFM-Qt File Manager?

You are in charge of your system - by all means - go ahead.

I don’t see a problem with using dolphin or baloo for that matter - but be prepared for a lot of KDE components.

There is a heap of file tools available - just find your favorite - prefer qt based - List of applications - ArchWiki.

PCManFM has a built-in search function ShiftCtrlF or Tools → Find Files where you can search - even in file content.

WOW! Thanks linux-aarhus
I saw you typing the reply while I was re-reading my post! You guys are amazing :+1: :+1: :+1: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I’m trying now ShiftCtrlF but nothing happening!
Anyway to fix it so I can try it before I do a fresh install?

You need the filemanager open.

You can check the shortcut - using Tools → Find Files

I did but could only find files by name not content!
It seems to me not that straight forward like in Dolphin!
Can I install dolphin under LXQT? Would I need to install Baloo or LXQT has it’s own?
EDIT: Would it support indexing and content searching Arabic documents?
EDIT 2: After testing PCManFM-Qt File Manager I feel more comfortable with Dolphin. Would it need to install Baloo? Another search engine alternative to Baloo in LXQT installed by default?

You can install what ever you like but the baloo indexer needs tweaking to run under lxqt.

You will need to manually add it to the session autostart.

Or you can edit the file /etc/xdg/autostart/balloo_file.desktop and modify the line

Add LXQt to the end of the line


Logout for the change to take effect.
I am using the gtk version of pcmanfm - and the shortcut is different with the qt version F3.

You have four tabs in the search box - one of which is content.

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OK… thanks a lot.
I’ll do it now. :+1:

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