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Built todays awesome Manjaro 21.1 RC 3.10 image this afternoon: Release 202108091415 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub


Todays images is broken, so latest working ones are 12th August from yesterday, trying to build working ones for today now

new fixed images are up on Github now: Release 202108130538 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub

New Stable images 21.1 is out now: Release 202108151057 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub
and 21.1.1 Beta 1 is being built still: Create iso_build_test.yml · bittin/iso-build@749ed5b · GitHub

Release 202108180221 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub stopping older of Ornara tommorow too

todays Manjaro awesome build failed trying to rebuild right now

EDIT: fixed releases uploaded: Release 202108240249 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub
Release Release 202108240302 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub

Manjaro Awesome 21.1.3 Beta 1

Updated these images now with 21.2: Release Release 202112211215 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub
and Release Release 202112191820 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub

The awesome builds on Github works again

21.2.1 built earlier this afternoon: Release Release 202201031505 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub and started working with 21.2.2 Beta now

Manjaro Awesome with Kernel 5.16 is building now

EDIT: Did not work so still on 5.15.13

Now with Kernel 5.16: Release 202201160255 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub
and trying to build 5.16.1 now

EDIT: 5.16.1 is broken but atleast 5.16 works now :slight_smile:

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Builds been broken since 17th January 2022, will try to look into it when i have time, still looking for more people to help that has more energy then i have

Still broken builds, will try to look at it, mid February when i have some more spare time

EDIT: Got some energy now so testing new rebuilds atm


got some help from @boredland too fix this, so new images will come later tonight

20.2.3 Beta images is now out: Release 202202010926 · bittin/iso-build · GitHub

Manjaro 21.2.7, 22 and 22.1 Beta 1 images with Awesome is building at the moment done in 1-2 hours

22.1 Beta 5 images is now building

Built 22.1 Stable, 22.2 Stable and 22.3 Beta 1 now