Awesome wm manjaro community edition?

Hey, so I’ve been wanting to do a clean install of manjaro with awesome wm but when I checked the website for community editions I saw it was missing. The manjaro wiki page about the awm community edition has a dead link to the supposed download and the forum account of the listed maintainer, frankk, seems to be missing completely. Does anyone know what happened/whats the best way for me to install manjaro+awesomewm now? Thanks!

Search for @bittin I she’s doing something to keep it alive.

ah great, thank you!

yeah i do builds of it on my Github profile: Releases · bittin/iso-build · GitHub

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I don’t know if I’m brave enough to install an OS from an ISO on github. Are there any plans to make it an … “official” community edition again?

which one do I download from the GitHub page, I couldn’t see an iso for the non-minimal and non-unstable edition and I don’t understand what the z01 file is and the zip files don’t seem to be recognized by my archive manager

Just download the files with the same name, store them in the same location and extract the .zip one. For example, download the two manjaro-awesome-21.1.0-220206-linux515.iso.* files to the same directory:

cd ~/Downloads

Verify them as you usually would, then extract the .zip file:


In theory it should continue the extraction at the .z01 file automagically when neccessary. And it’ll extract to the current directory.

Or that’s how I understand it, anyway.


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Install p7zip

sudo pacman -S p7zip

Then in the folder that contains the split archives, run,

7z x *.z01