Automatic Bluetooth Pairing - Headphones

Hello Everyone,

As the subject states, I have BT working on my Dell XPS 13 and want to be able to ‘auto-pair’ my headphones when I enable BT and have my headphones powered on. Is there a way to auto-pair / connect automatically to my headphones when I enable the BT in Manjaro?

Thank you in advance for all of your time and help, it is greatly appreciated!

Once you pair the headphones with any device, they should automatically connect to any paired device in range when powered on.

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Sorry, to be clear these are Apple Airpods that I am trying to auto-pair. When I have BT enabled, and pop in my airpods (turning them on), it does NOT autoconnect. I actually have to go the BT settings page and manually connect them before I can use them.

You can try bluetooth-autoconnect - it’s available on aur.

Do you use this personally @clmbtti ?

I do, but for other brand of earbuds.