Auto login causes black screen after software update

I’m using Manjaro KDE and had the auto login active.

After a octopi system upgrade, reboot brought me into a black screen with only the mouse cursor being shown.

I found the issue after some searching on the internet: Auto Login did not work. I used Ctrl + Alt + F2 and startx to start the plasma shell and disabled auto login in system settings. Afterwards the system booted again but I have to enter the password on login now.

It’s a family computer and my family doesn’t want to enter a password on startup. Can you help me?

I don’t have much experience with Manjaro / linux in general, if you need any logs, can you tell me the command to execute?

hello strohkoenig,
from what i understand, you are now launched into the kde login greeter.
in that case, this post should resolve your problem.
Best Regards, Julius

Hello Julius,
that’s exactly my problem - if I check this box as suggested in the linked post, the system won’t boot anymore.

I want to check that box but it won’t work.