Where in Manjaro KDE can login password be disabled?

Fellow Forum Members,
I am running my Raspberry Pi4B 4GB with Manjaro KDE Plasma which I am using as a set top box (STB) for my Samsung Smart TV. I want to be able to power up my STB and have it go directly to my Manjaro KDE desktop without the need for me to enter a login password. Being only a STB it has no valuable data on it so I’m finding it bothersome to type in a login password for what only functions as a STB.

In short, I thought disabling the login password would be an easy task to complete, but the reality is I cannot find anywhere in the Manjaro OS that will allow me to disable it. Does anybody out there know where in the Manjaro OS can one disable the login password? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

System Settings / Startup and Shutdown / Login Screen (SDDM) / Advanced / Automatically log in


System setings, workspace, start up and shutdown, login screen, advanced, select automatically log in