Arm Holdings to be bought by Nvidia for 40 Billion

The rumor has been around for a while, but it is almost set in stone now, according to The Guardian:

This could potentially destroy the Open Source nature of the ARM achitecture, depending on Nvidias goals with it.

But considering they are spending $40 Billion on this, they want it badly.

Any thoughts on this?

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On to Manjaro-RISCV next?

There’s not really any consumer RISC-V based SBC’s yet…

SiFive are the only ones I’ve heard of.

But the SoC’s does not compare to ARM at all. They are so underpowered in comparison.

True, but small beginnings and whatnot. I was hoping that America’s trade embargo against Huawei would push Huawei into the RISCV market, but this doesn’t seem to have happened.

Regards ARM Holdings current/new stewardship, no-one seems to want to take ownership for any more than four years.

Also, we don’t yet know whether NVIDIA will be allowed to purchase ARM Holdings.

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While that is true, I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

This could also be Nvidias first real investment into Open Source hardware.

I’m not sure NVIDIA knows the meaning of “open source”.


I have a bad feeling this…

At least it’s not going else where.

there is this future one , ( from phoronix )

"And so the rumours were true…

So Japan sells ARM to US,
For US companies this is not so bad, in a lot of ways it is better, unless for Intel, AMD and IBM…

I don’t know if Apple has something to loose her( since they change ARM Designs themself s),
But in the long term, ARM will strive for a CPU more close to the Data Center, so that they can also sell their Nvidia accelerators together, and in the long run, Apple may have to jump off the wagon…
Maybe in the Long Run could appear the possibility of the Mainstream market( Desktops and Laptops… )…in this case maybe Apple will be interested…

For Chinese companies, that are right now, almost blocked from ARM technology and communication’s too( specially from US Companies… which ARM is now… ), this means the end of Chinese chipmakers with ARM.
So, China as being pushing “alternative horses”, for the case the rumours were true, and so RISCV will finally arrive, more than ever China will need it…

For Europe, is bad, because Japan was used to be neutral towards Europe, the US is not!
So I believe RISCV alternatives will also start to appear in the coming years, maybe initially as microcontrollers in Europe…

This is also bad for all the Companies that are right now, creating ARM chips for the Datacenter, will be there some uncertainty for them, and especially the ones only dealing with ARM…

In the mobile phones market, this is bad for the world, ARM will spy for NSA and others, and probably, If a alternative arrive( RISCV?? ), I will jump off too…

For Linux, this is not good,
We start to have now Lima and Panfrost drivers for ARM devices and in the long run, will be there a Nvidia graphics IP, with a binary blob…
Also ARM will be more closed, not a so open friendly environment like today started to be( even tough that ARM never helped a lot in this openness, but it also don’t tried to unsure everything is closed…giving its costumers a lot of freedom… freedom that in a lot of ways will disappear… )

So Japan kicked in the but Europe and China( badly ), not to speak for other regional places… "

also this future 2

first check all license & linux on arm ( video mali included )

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nVidia is very power hungry, ARM is not.

My personal and subjective opinion:

  • In the short term (1 year) nothing will change
  • In the medium term (3 years): nVidia will use ARM tech to drive down its power usage to become “greener”
  • In the long term:
    • Bad for open source as nVidia will post more binary blobs instead of Open Source
    • Good for Open Source as nVidia will see the light (unlikely, but possible)

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Did Linus say anything about it ? We all know that he doesn’t like NVIDIA.
I’ve heard that NVIDIA will respect Arm’s freedom and its independance but you don’t buy a company for 40 billion to leave it independent according to me. They want to take advantage of the leverage effect to enter the datacenter and server market and the time is good :
The new number one in the top500 (hpc) is Fugaku, which is powered by Fujitsu’s 48-core A64FX SoC, becoming the first number one system on the list to be powered by ARM processors. But sooner or later they will look at the telephone and sbc market (they already have tegra cards for industrial market).
As already said, I think it’s not a very good news for our “area”.

Even if they did absolutely nothing … it would be a sound business move.

It seems a near-certainty that ARM will proliferate and become more and more common or even intrinsic to many sectors, not just mobile, in the coming years.
(anyone else heard the rumors of all new macbooks being ARM-based in the future?)

That said … its also rather far-fetched that nvidia would do nothing and/or that it would mean nothing.

So I would wager some anxiety, especially from an opensource perspective or that of dev projects that have invested into this with previous goals or understandings, is pretty reasonable.

This isn’t even rumors anymore. Apple confirmed in their 2020 Conference keynote, that they will be using their own in-house ARM based chips (named Apple Silicon) in all their devices, completely dropping all Intel based ones.

I have to disagree with you here. The Japanese company would keep ARM if doing nothing would net them more profit than selling ARM.

Different folks have different visions, different interests… and no one can see the future.
But also there are things to consider like legalisms and resources.
I guess I cant include things like ‘available licenses, funds, etc’ in ‘doing nothing’ strictly speaking … but I was in my post.

For example … ARM may be able to be profitable if it could scale - but lacks the resources to do so. Nvidia sees this, and is wiling to invest given its reasoned assumption that will return profits in the future, regardless of the current situations viability.

Let alone things like, you know, owner/founders being happy to get paid.

Since when ARM is opensource ? :thinking:
Thé arm architecture is not opensource… they sell it with different kind of licences to founder, chip manufacturer etc.


Are there any POWER SBC’s in existence?

Edit: Did a small search. Answer appears to be “no” at the moment.

Out of interest, I just stumbled upon news regarding the PicoRio. Maybe there will be a Manjaro-RISCV in the not too distant future.

To start with RISC-V we would have to bootstrap it ourselves, we would have to maintain all the packages ourselves, which would be a significant increase in our infrastructure cost and setup. :slight_smile: