[ARM EFI] Manjaro settings manager multiple kernel support?


I believe that the kernel installation support had been removed from Manjaro settings manager ARM, because the ARM editions did not support multiple kernels and didn’t use a bootloader such as grub.

Now that there are EFI editions of Manjaro ARM with grub etc, wouldn’t it be nice to have kernel packages support back into the settings manager ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

True. It would be nice. The problem is that it would also show up on all other installations, which might make people believe that these kernels would work on their installs, which they won’t. So they might be left with a system that does not boot. I don’t want to take that risk.

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Wouldn’t it be possible to condition the appearing of the kernels icon in Manjaro settings to some test, i.e. is grub present ?
Is the installed kernel one compatible with multi-kernels or not ?

No idea. That would be up to the devs of the software to determine.

In ARM it’s not a big issue to manually install the kernels, since we don’t have any of the extra-modules, which is usually where Manjaro Settings Manager and mhwd are convinient.

I thought that the kernel options had been specifically removed from manjaro-settings by the ARM developers, so instead of removing it they could juste condition it’s appearing…

It has. I have patched out the modules for the stuff that won’t work on regular ARM installs.

Sure, if you can make a patch that does this, I would have no problem with adding it. But I can’t develop such a patch, because I am not a programmer and it would require reworking the code.

But there is a new application in the works, set out to replace the old Manjaro Settings Manager, called Manjaro Control Panel, so it would be better to get such a feature in that I think.

Can’t find the mcp thing on Manjaro ARM… BTW I’m not sure the name is well chosen, there arleady exists an mcp-plugins that is some audio stuff, and an mcpp which is a compiler…

MCP is not in ARM yet, as it’s not actually finished enough to have a release.

It’s just short for Manjaro Control Panel. Maybe the final package will have a different name. Only time will tell.

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