Ark 7zip and zip compression not working properly and crashing Dolphin

Hello. Thank you for viewing. After updating my computer yesterday, Ark is not working properly it seems. When I compress files, the ‘Dolphin’ windows, that shows the progress of the compression, never finishes even when the compression is complete. (For 7zip and for Zip)

When I click stop, I get Application Closed Unexpectedly followed by Dolphin CrashingScreenshot_20211019_160411

Did you add 7zip capability? How?
I cannot reproduce with .zip

Is that just in Wayland session?

It comes pre-installed. It is there in KDE I believe if you Right click and go to ‘Compress To’.

I believe I am using Wayland. Honestly, i do not know, as I am not an advanced Manjaro Linux user. I started a few months ago, so I don’t know which session I am using.

Then you are probably in X11 session (default). To check, start Info Center from Application Launcher then see “Graphics Platform” on initial screen.

I am on X11. How do I change it, and if I do, will it fix the problem?

Process of elimination.

  • What happens if you try to only compress a single file with 7z compression in Ark?

  • What happens if you try to compress a small folder (few files only) with 7z compression in Ark?

  • What happens if you try to use “Store” or “Deflate” with the minimum compression strength using Zip or 7z in Ark?

  • What happens if you use ZSTD (Zstandard) with the default (level 3) compression strength?

  • What happens if you wait long enough for it to “really” complete? Does it ever exit cleanly? (Your screenshot shows it is compressing and archive 13,388 files!) :astonished:

  • What happens if you try to compress the culprit folder (13,388 files!) using the command-line instead of Ark? (With the highest / ultra settings that 7z allows.)


I can tell that the command line works. I will do stuff in the order that you have written.

  1. Compressing one file still causes the same error.
  2. Compressing a small folder still causes the same problem
  3. The error persists
  4. Causes Dolphin to crash
  5. I think it completes cleanly. The dialog does not disappear.
  6. Command line works.

Lord have mercy on my soul! As much as I love KDE, they seem to be dropping the ball on their updates and development overall. Has there been a loss of developers? QA testers?

I am facing the SAME EXACT ISSUE ever since the latest update, on two different computers! (I just tested it on on both computers; both recently fully updated on the Stable branch.)

Come on KDE devs…

Every time we update it’s so nerve-racking!


Oh so you have the same problem? At least the command line works. At least we have that, which most Spyware 11 users will not have.

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The issue still stands that “rolling” with constant updates on a KDE desktop keeps breaking things more than I remember in the past. It’s like a gamble each time there’s a batch of updates, and you have to cross your fingers and hope nothing breaks.

I have a “notepad” out in which I bump into bugs and crashes and hangs and odd behaviors, which I try to submit bug reports, one by one, but it’s becoming too much of a hassle now. I’m losing enthusiasm, and my hunch tells me that KDE development has different visions and goals going forwards.


Can you confirm if you have any non-ascii characters anywhere in the directory? Because I can’t reproduce this

Single file directly in home folder named avatar.jpg

Right-click → Compress → Compress to → choose 7z format

Even if the archive is successfully created, the progress indicator will hang and “error out” if you try to stop or close it.

UPDATE: It’s a random surprise each time! How fun! Sometimes it will behave as @attishno1’s original post. Sometimes it will immediately abort in failure. Sometimes it will freeze the corresponding Dolphin window in which I need to forcefully terminate Dolphin to get it working again.

I understand. @winnie is actually experiencing the same issue that I am. The archives are being created successfully. It is just that the dialog box never closes. It just stays there.

I have no ASCII characters

It’s hard to tell if this is a KDE Frameworks or lower-level bug, or if it is Ark (or Dolphin) itself that is at fault. :man_shrugging:

The command line is working 100% though.

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Apologies, I reproduced this on my second attempt. Sadly command line output is useless

[daniel@daniel-systemproductname ~]$ dolphin
Segmentation fault (core dumped)
Thread 1 "dolphin" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00007ffff5eaa521 in ?? () from /usr/lib/

If I leave it alone without trying to stop or close it.

UPDATE: It works fine if Dolphin is bypassed.

If you manually add folders and files into a new archive (using Ark itself, not the Dolphin context menu), it behaves normally, regardless of size or number of files. The progress indicator in the bottom-right corner will behave normally as well.

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