Are user stats coming over

my credentials didn’t work and when i tried to send an email to recover and i never got an email so i created a new account with my prior Userid. did our overall stats for those accounts get lost as well or will those be ported? Have others been able to log into their account from the prior forum are are we all starting completely from scratch. just trying to varify.


All user data could not be ported.
It will not be returning.

As before, please use the forum search function in the top right.

Its starting from scratch :wink:


Looks like a clean start :blush: rebuilt forum fresh start for all :+1:


i did see the original post but it also stated they are bringing some things over from the old forum…just wanted to get clarification if the user data was part of that. Clean slate it is :slight_smile:

Its a common rebirth problem, forgetting everything that you used to know… :wink:


A wild @handy appears! :smiley:

Yep… Quite painful to discover that you’ve gone from TL3 all the way back to TL1. :sob:

You sayin’ you’re not up to the challenge? :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

I am a bit surprised that user data can’t be imported over, but then again, Discourse is a bit… stupid… on that front… there is support for exporting the old account info, including trust levels and custom bits, but no ‘baked in’ way to import it into a new instance - so the best they could probably do is bulk invite all the old users via the CSV export… probably not worth it. Only takes 30 seconds to make a new account, and for those few ‘trustworthy’ people, the moderators can bump them back up to their old trust level manually easily enough.

Everyone is equal now! Fresh start.

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If I wasn’t, then I wouldn’t be here now, would I? :wink:


Be glad your are not paid distro otherwise some Americans will suit you for loss of data! :slight_smile:

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The former forum only could be destroyed.

I am having this strange feeling right now, like I’m a member of a large family of whom half were just killed in a horrible plane crash ─ or maybe even in the Beirut explosions ─ and the surviving family members are now getting back together for the first time after having spent a few days in hospital. :thinking:


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Look on the bright side, we have the chance to start a new life !


Thank you for the confirmation. I have made a new account. Glad to be back here. :heart_eyes:

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That’s quite the comparison you’re making there. I mean, sure, it sucks that everyone lost their account and has to start from scratch now, but I think many will recreate their account here on the new forum. The old one is still available to look stuff up.

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Yes, but is it really him?

Must pass certain … tests …

The real handy can be figured by measuring response to bad-wiki-edit stimuli.


that’s bad, all the work lost! :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

I sure hope such knowledge/protection against account grabbing won’t be necessary. :crossed_fingers: