Why my account is deleted (I can't login to it)

I don’t know why my forum account is deleted (djalel) without any warning. I just created this new account to know why. as i can’t understand why my previous one is deleted or banned.
I really need a quick explanation (reply).


new start … pls read it will help


they had problem with old forum and started a new one from scratch.
all account are gone…


Thanks for quick response.
it’s really a big lost.
I hope this will be a new adventure start full of success.


I’ve been for the past 6 days or so, trying to log into the forum and ask some questions (that I was able to find the answers on my own later) but it was on read-only mode. Today, though, I could log into the forum with my credentials but unfortunately I wasn’t being able to.
Then I decided to recover my password but I got no e-mail. I decided to create another account with the same e-mail and it worked. Have I lost my account?

With the retirement of the old forum all old accounts got retired to yes. Welcome back to the forums.

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Same for me, I feel naked, now… :grin:

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Thanks, fam. Same to you!

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but why is my old username still unavailable if it was deleted?

Oh well, oops!

Though quite tragic for all the work that needs to be redone, it has a tint of humour in that manjaro updates can sometimes wreck our systems in an inefficient-to-reverse kind of way.

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Well, yeah, things happen. (sometimes it’s just nice to do a reboot or even clean install :wink: )
All the old content is still there though btw: https://archived.forum.manjaro.org

Well, that’s something you just have to take into account when installing a rolling distro. We’re all just humans (with machines which sometimes don’t want to follow our will :wink: )
There was not a single time I had a non-bootable system because of an update since 2018 when I started using Manjaro (well, yes, there were situations where I needed to chroot, but I caused them by myself)


Haha, well-put.

I’m guessing exclusively XFCE?

Same here - had a broadband drop out for 11 days till rectified yesterday (thanks BT) and tried to login tonight - no joy.
Paranoia set in and now have a new account and still having sweats about Grub 2 update and don’t know whats going on… is my card still supported… will Bluetooth work…is Phil still in charge… the whole world seems to have changed in 11 days without broadband and Manjaro old account… always read things … but never helped out due to lack of knowledge…when is Blender ever going to stop getting updated… good night all.

I hate it when I feel like I jumped between alternate universes again. Suddenly logged out. Not able to log in again. Reset password via mail not working. No information via mail, No news, nothing in announcement.

Ok, finally found it in Forum Rules ^^;

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