Are 106 orphaned packages a likely number?

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I am not well experiences with Manjaro, nor pacman. From the linked thread I got the tip to clean orphan packages (which I never did in about 2 years I am running manjaro on my laptop).

I found pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qtdq) to be a way cleaning stuff up.

I am playin with pacman -Qtdq and am getting 106 hits. Is that a number about to be expected under the circumstances?

Well, depends on how you uninstalled packages in the past.
Don’t know what pamac is doing, but for pacman I’d always use sudo pacman -Rs pkgname (or -Rns if you will)… When you only do “-R” it’ll keep all the deps that came along with the installation.

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That’s almost 10% of all packages I have installed. :smiley: I wonder how many .pacnew files you have… :stuck_out_tongue:

You say you are not well expereienced with Manjaro and pacman and yet you have been using it for 2 years. :man_shrugging:
I think this also shows a core problem of Manjaro. It’s presented as a noob-friendly distro and novice users think that they don’t have to do anything to maintain it. It also shows in countless repeating posts about same problems again and again.

@zbe That is very normal in the whole Information Technology domain and not specific to Manjaro Linux. Nobody to blame, it is what it is. It’s a constant learning process.
Technology changes so fast nowadays, some keep pace with it and some just prefer the car to drive without knowing how the engine works.

It’s not normal to ask X for the 10th time when you have 9 answers few keyboard presses and a click away and sometimes even in the same thread. But I guess in today’s world everyone’s time is more valuable than anyone else’s, so why read all those boring posts or search when someone else can do the work.

Anyhow, this is now completely off topic and doesn’t have anything to do with OP, so I’ll just stop here.

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@vrms As for the topic itself, it is probably about a reasonable number of orphans. Only you know your system.
Use pamac-manger GUI (Add/Remove Software) > Installed > Orphans for a graphical check of the orphaned packages. You may use it together with Branch Compare. It can be assumed that if a package is not in the official repository anymore it can be removed. For orphaned packages that are listed in the AUR they can most likely also be removed safely as well.
After that there shouldn’t be many more left.

thx everybody for your input. And sorry to the ones who think this was an redundant Topic.

I did not intend to waste anybodies time beyond reason and admit that it happens to post something to early (before having put sufficiently extensive efforts into investigation).

@vrms No worries. The people who have time to answer and want to help will always give a reply.
Have a great weekend and enjoy!

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Actually, looking at the thread title, nobody really answered the question.

“Are 106 orphaned packages a likely number?”

More likely are 66, 42 and 13. Imho.

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If I am not mistaken the 106 from the command includes Orphans of Orphans of Orphans… so after 2 years it sounds quite reasonable to me.
In pamac-manager there will probably only be about 40… hard guessing. :man_bowing:

  1. I’m pretty sure.
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