distro a dead duck?

After not getting any responses from the forum, I tried posing the same questions to the forum.

Surprisingly, I was politely informed that the distro is a separate unaffiliated distro.

Unlike archlinux which is well supported, archlinuxarm is stalled, unmaintained and not likely to see any upgrades in the repos, mirrored or otherwise, in the near future.

I haven’t found any other pacman based distro that builds for aarch64. Any ideas?


With archlinuxarm it is often the case that there are no updates available as you are used to with an x86_64 archlinux. Since we are all human, it sometimes takes longer than expected until updates are available again. But I don’t know on which ARM hardware the archlinuxarm compiles packages. Which of course also increases the “waiting time”.
But as they say, patience is an important virtue.


Well, in Arch Linux ARM’s case glibc/gcc/binutils are almost two years old. Their forums are in shatters, and the main developer doesn’t respond to neither mail, forum nor pull requests. But the kernels are mostly up to date.

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Hi tartanpion

Thanks for the info.

Will the manjaroarm “pacman” package be updated to specify the LDFLAGS and CFLAGS needed to build the toolchain as tested in the archlinuxarm branch “melentye:master”? This would seem to be a prerequisite to building an up-to-date toolchain.


There are many issues with ALARM. One of it is still using a keyring, which was created 11 years ago. Now an update of gnupg disables sha1sum for a reason. Result: Arch Linux ARM • View topic - Error: Signature is marginal trust when using pacman

The community came up with some ideas:

However using signing keys directly might also work:

When there are issues with the keyring at Manjaro there is always a big drama, here total silence from the dev-team. Still wonder on how to turn that around. Using outdated gnupg on our end was a workaround but not a solution.

Outdated toolchain - dont get me started on that topic …

Let’s see on how we might reach out to ALARM dev-team to push them for much needed updates.


Hi philm,

this very much sounds like an argument for:

  1. Manjaroarm’s core packages being built exclusively by manjaro with current safe signing.

  2. Anything installed from ALARM should be built from the source package.

Just noticed this:

Updated core package in arch. gcc 14.1 binutils 2.42 glibc 2.39. Tested with compiling mesa-git, no problem. Waiting for official port to manjaro.


gcc jump to 14.1.1, WoW :innocent:
but, they forgot update hypeland :rofl:

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Hmm hyprland … Those who want to be brave can check out our unstable branch: [ARM Unstable Update] 2024-05-14 - Toolchain, Python 3.12, LxQT 2.0, Gnome 46.1

no, last version is hyprland-0.40 & lots of new dependency.

Looks Like Arch Linux Is Going To Officially Support ARM / RISC-V

Enjoy !

…ah… not quite. Please read the RFC.

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ARM Returns on EndeavourOS

EndeavourOS follow Alarm’s repos, useless.

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