Architect install of kde desktop (full) decidedly not full or functional

Based on the amazing impression the Manjaro Raspberry Pi 4b arm left me with, and the frustration I had been feeling with ubuntu lately (mandatory snaps), I decided to try Manjaro on my beastly primary custo laptop that has been running ubuntu desktop up until now.

To make a long story short, the normal “mere mortal” installer worked great, but because this laptop has multiple drives with luks and I have a certain way I wanted to lay out luks + lvm, I elected to do an architect install.

Now, architect was a bit frustrating at first because I felt it has a general lack of a “go back” function at times, so it took me a few whacks to understand the flow (especially when mounting stuff) but that’s a totally different discussion. Unfortunately, no matter what I selected in terms of kde-minimal + “select full install” resulted in what I would call a complete or functional install.

What I was left with after reboot was a kde plasma defaulted to wayland that was completely non manjaro themed and had essentially a bare minimum of kde packages installed and NO NETWORK or NetworkManager available. I probably did 4 installs like this convinced that I had somehow noob-borked my way through MA, but alas, I think it’s just busted and doesn’t install the right stuff. It did, however, setup my lvm and luks exactly as I had asked, and that was great, but I was dead in the water after a reboot due to no network.

What I ended up doing on the final install was to chroot into the install and manually ensure I had everything to get the network up on reboot such as NetworkManager. Then on reboot, I systemctl enabled NetworkManager and used the text interface to network manager to get the network loaded up and proceeded to pacman my way into a fully functional kde plasma env, but given that I’m a Manjaro noob, searching and figuring out all the package names to accomplish this was frustrating, but a pattern emerged, and I’m a big boy, so I got it done.

I also immediately changed to xorg as kde plasma crashed all over itself repeatedly doing multi monitor stuff and. I hope Wayland isn’t the default for kde installs in general as it was a piece and isn’t ready for prime time as far as I’m concerned (can’t adjust gamma either, ugg).

In any case, I honestly don’t know how to report this as an issue (the architect thing simply not producing a usable install). Perhaps I did something wrong? I don’t see how. It felt like the architect installer just hasn’t been updated with the latest kde package or group names.


Same problem here with 201207 .iso. Mine didn’t show the desktop with wayland. So I selected regular plasma. Anyway see my comments in this post:

I have it semi working now, but there are still a few things that are not suppose to happen. After manually install discovery and later discovery-snap, those programs keeps on running in the background after it is closed. That causes a chunk of memory to be used and it delays the shutdown of the machine. After a fresh boot, discover opens unwanted automatically after logging in.


Ok all seems to be corrected now. Was able to do a new proper install of full kde and at first glance al the packages are installed. You may close this.
And by the way wayland still isn’t ready for primetime in my opinion. Can’t get it to work here.