Application specific 3rd level chooser

Is it possible to set a 3rd level chooser (extra modifier key) that is active just for one application and not the full system?

I’d like to have a half-qwerty-like mapping for Krita, so I can have all shortcuts in half the keyboard so they are easier to access with one hand only. I tried setting it to the caps-lock key, but it overwrites another setting I had for it (ESC, which I need most of the time for text editing in Emacs and Vim).

Is that possible?

I’m on KDE Plasma 5.21.1


Unless the application allows you to modify internal shortcuts and you don’t use any of the same shortcuts on a system level, the answer is:

No! you can’t do that!

E.G. if the application allows you to re-define Ctrl+Shift+S as “save as”, but you re-define Ctrl+Shift+S as “shutdown system” on a system level, the system will take precedence!


Note: How I get around that is by using the Meta (aka “the Windows”) key" so:

  • +Shift+S shuts down the system
  • Ctrl+Shift+S saves as (for all applications that allow me to change that shortcut)


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ok, thanks @Fabby . I’ll look for a way to work around this.


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