App opening in a separate space in taskbar

When i open an app in taskbar it launches in a new space in task bar instead of launching in the same icon , how to fix this??


now i have 2 whatsapp icon and 2 google chrome icon in my taskbar :sweat_smile:


The first two that are there, are they β€˜shortcuts’? The other two when the programs are opened?

Depending on the flavour of Manjaro you are running you can try a different setup.

For example I have xfce. I have the shortcuts in a launcher. That way I only have one icon in the taskbar. Plus the launcher with all the shortcuts put into it.

i just right clicked and added it to the panel , when i click the added icon the app is opening seperately

Have you tried right-clicking on the first icon and removing it and then right-clicking on the second icon and adding it again?

(could be a binary and a snap / flatpack / appimage / … discrepancy)


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Perhaps a word of explanation to the original poster (@abhijiths1998) is due… :wink:

The separate icon that appeared is the taskbar entry for the running application, whereas the first icon ─ i.e. the one that was already there ─ is not actually on the taskbar but on the panel. The taskbar is itself only a widget on the panel ─ it is not the panel itself ─ and the icon on the panel is simply a shortcut.

By doing what @Fabby suggested, you are removing the shortcut icon from the panel, and instead, you are ─ in KDE vernacular ─ pinning the application to the taskbar, so that it becomes a launcher. A launcher is a taskbar entry that remains on the taskbar even after the application has been closed, similar to how the dock works in macOS.

And that is the effect you wanted, so all is good, but you do need to understand the difference between the taskbar ─ which is a widget ─ and the panel proper.

By the way, pinning the application is also specific to the Plasma Activity you are in. If you are using only one Activity ─ which is how Plasma is configured out-of-the-box ─ then you need not worry about that, but if you have more than one Activity, then you can specify whether to pin the application only in the current Activity, on all Activities, or only in specified Activities.

Activities are similar to virtual desktops, but they can have different wallpapers, different desktop widgets and different privacy settings, all of which are things you cannot do with virtual desktops ─ you can also give each of them a name, by the way. You can also have certain applications be visible in multiple or all Activities when they start by using window rules.

And at the same time, you can also have different Activities and different virtual desktops, and use them as it fits your workflow. Personally, I have 12 virtual desktops and 2 Activities, which gives me a total of 24 workspaces.

Welcome to the power of KDE Plasma! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Sounds like the StartupWMClass= entry missing from the .desktop file see Package Manager Creating Two of itself when opened as a favorite

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