Anyone working on a Sway edition?

Hi, title says it all.
Anyone working on a Sway community edition?
I am just curious, if its should wait or go with the architect.

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If you like sway - try copying the configs off the sway arm edition - configs are not limited to cpu architecture.

There is sway edition for Arm. Some community members were working on sway edition for x86 too, but I haven’t heard from them after the forum went down.

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Hi there, yes a friend an I where working on a community edition (thread and infos can be found in old forum “Manjaro SwayWM + Wayland” I can’t post any links sry).
Since then I did not had that much time to go after it again.
I just lightli glimpsed into iso creation toolchain and found that there is no support for greetd, which would be our prefered dm, what keeped me a little bit away from going any further.
If we could get support for using greetd, more or less everything is there to create an iso and start polishing it a little bit.

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Since I saw this post it got me again to investigate a little bit more. So greetd is in the AUR which does not work with creating an Iso, unless someone creates a private repo.
But since the package is already available in the manjaro-arm community packages (arch=(‘x86_64’ ‘aarch64’) ), it should not be a big problem to get it into the manjaro community repo including the other packages for sway ( see < I can’t post links sorry)
Maybe @Chrysostomus could help us out here a little bit?

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That can be arranged.

Sounds great.
So what I have so far (after setting up my own repo to use the AUR packages I ned):

So basically all I need is some help on how to make a sway iso that is installable and get the settings into it.

Edit: Just to mention the iso-profile for community/sway is probably not usable. It has the current state of “it builds” so help regarding packages and settings is more than welcome.

Make a branch and merge request here to master and manjaro-architect branch.

Make branch and a merge requests here and write a PKGBUILD for it. you can use this as a starting point:

I’ll look into packaging it. Any reasons for this partcular display manager? I assume wayland support + not being gdm?

So far I know, greetd is plain simple login manager and uses sway (or cage) itself to display the login prompt using a theming like ~kennylevinsen/gtkgreet - sourcehut git to look similar to GDM

It’s pretty simple and +1 from me.

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Packages have been uploaded to unstable. I added you as a maintainer for the PKGBUILDs. Keep them up to date a ping one of the packagers when a rebuild is needed.

I started working on the desktop-settings and the manjaro-sway-settings package, but as it seems for now I have some issues regarding my gitlab account(s). I already created one (@destrukto), but I was not able to log in there or recover my password. So I logged in via Github (@simon-bueler) but there I am missing the rights. If someone from the Manjaro-Team could help me by granting @simon-bueler the rights @destrukto has and afterwards delete @destrukto I would be more than thankful.

Dang, I authorized the wrong one… Fixing now…

EDIT: fixed, you should have access now.

Just out of curiosity: why is this flagged as ARM related? In the arm-profiles repository we already have a Sway edition and from the discussion above I conclude that the topic is centered around making a Sway edition (ISO image) for x86/x64 PCs, isn’t it?

EDIT: don’t get me wrong I am highly interested in the work for the x86/x64 edition and hope to get some ideas or share some know how (as I was creating the arm profile for it)… but I just want to make sure that there won’t be an additional or alternative ARM profile for Sway…

I pushed iso-profiles and desktop-settings to sway branch.
Probably it makes sense now to create a sway subgroup in the packages/community group to collect greetd, greetd-gtkgreet and manjaro-sway-settings there.

Fixed it. Hope this is the correct one.

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At the moment this is the status:

  • iso builds including manjaro-sway-settings from my online repo
  • greetd is installed but does not start, maybe this is a live environment thing or is it because the buildiso does not support greetd?
  • I don’t know how to provide the changed /etc/greetd/config.toml, since when I try to deliver it with manjaro-sway-settings it generates an error since greetd also provides it

Thanks for the help.

You might have to enable the greetd service in the ISO image. Not sure how to do this in those live CD images, but on ARM profile there was a custom section for services that should be started on boot…

Desktop settings package should only install stuff to /etc/skel for the most part. If you need to overwrite system files, you should use the desktop-overlay/etc/greetd/config.toml in the iso-profile. Note that overlay is only for overwriting files, you should avoid putting there anything that is not provided by some package.

Services are enabled in profile.conf in the iso-profile. Since greetd is not directly supported yet, set the the display manager to none and just put the greetd service to the right array.

If you need to configure autologin for the live session, do so by using the live-overlay directory.

Can you upload the PKGBUILD for the desktop settings somewhere?

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Thanks guys we did it, greetd starts properly and runs sway after login. Great.
@Chrysostomus: Uploaded version of manjaro-sway-settings PKGBUILD -> GitHub - simon-bueler/manjaro-sway-settings: Settings for manjaro sway edition
Things to do:

  • Layout for aps and wofi menu does not match the rest and need to be adjusted
  • sgtk-menu and flashfocus are still in aur (sgtk-menu would be super nice, but flashfocus is purely optional)
  • Testing, testing, testing. Probably there are several things not looking nice or not working but I haven’t found them yet :smiley:

EDIT: And a sway subgroup in Groups · Community · GitLab would be super nice.


Have you had a look at the styling of wofi, waybar,… we have in the ARM profile?

Check this: overlays/sway/etc/skel/.config/wofi · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab

and the autostart settings here: overlays/sway/etc/sway/config.d · master · manjaro-arm / applications / arm-profiles · GitLab

Which includes script for GTK and QT theming among others