Annoyed with Firefox 109 forcing 'Extensions' menu

Does anyone prefer the new functionality?

I found the new ‘Extensions’ button annoying - as it lists ALL extensions, but removes the option to balance those on the toolbar permanently with a configurable overflow menu list. Extensions disappeared from overflow…

After some hair-pulling, I discovered the solution for those that don’t like this:

  • about:config

  • extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled =>false

  • Restart browser

Then you can go back to the overflow and remove icons from toolbar to hide them and you have pin to overflow back.


FYI i added your tip here: [HowTo] Undo Firefox feature changes


It’s back in Nightly and the pref no longer works:

Today I saw a comment in Reddit about how it is ‘the way forward’ due to Manifest V3 extensions or something.

Also that it’s not a simple job to make it possible to move, edit, or re-arrange the contents.

You can remove it, for now, in Nightly (111.0a1) with .css

In about:config set toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets to true.
create a folder in your profile called chrome. Create a file called userChrome.css
copy the following into the userChrome.css file:

#unified-extensions-button { 
display: none !important; 

restart Firefox Nightly.


Currently we can pin extensions to our toolbar. Some people like 20 or 30 extensions, so they don’t always display all of them together.

Instead we pin to the toolbar, so maybe we like 10 to be ready for use.

Some should be always on display - an easy bitwarden, the account button, a uBlock Origin button.
But others - like Font Changer/Stylus/Media Bias icons are frequently handy but do not always on display…

And yet others - like Plasma integration, Firefox View, Full Screen, Find - these are completely useless and should be completely removed.

For this reason we appreciate the ability to drag icons to the overflow menu.

The issue with this ‘Extensions’ menu is that it immediately disables our ‘overflow’ and destroys our ability to decide what extensions are available within easy reach, but not permanently pinned to the toolbar.

The new button contains all of them.

Removing all of them is not a good idea unless you can restore the overflow.

I see your point. I only use one extension, uBlock Origin and barely use the overflow menu. I have two items in the overflow, history and library. By force of habit, I access history through the hamburger menu as well as addons and themes. In my case the overflow menu is still there without the extensions button probably because I have so few (one) extension(s) pinned? As far as their MV3 claim, they plan on still supporting the current extension system and it’s expanded functionality over MV3. As long as that happens, I will stay with the current uBlock Origin. I have the uBO MV3 experimental version installed in my spare browser, ungoogled chromium, and it works okay, but as of now I think that adblock MV3 experimental is ahead of uBO MV3.

20 or 30 extensions??? and folks complain about their FF breaking…

BTW, I delete the whole “Features” folder on all my FF installs. I don’t need any of that stuff.
FF crop

Firefox Account (because my son sometimes uses Firefox), uBlock origin, Bitwarden, Popup window - nice way to pop out some page into a very compact webapp.

Those stay on the toolbar

But also - essential, but not needing to be visible all the time are:

  1. SponsorBlock makes youtube bearable… autoskips most ‘self promotion’ and ‘sponsorship’ segments in videos. If you use Youtube, don’t like people boring you with repetitive sponsor segments about Linode, or some VPN etc… you hear a ‘beep’ that says it’s skipped and have the option to unskip.

  2. Font Changer enables you to change fonts for websites if they’re not too comfortable to read.

  3. Markdownload - superb web clipper to Markdown file…

  4. Search by Image - any image, right click and search on a lot of different resources.

  5. Skip Ads - skips annoying youtube ads (not the same as Sponsor Block which is powered by people clicking at the start/end of boring promotional segments).

  6. Sonarr autosearch - when looking for TV shows, an icon appears that you can click to open in Sonarr/Radarr etc.

  7. Stylus - user-style manager, has some useful downloadable templates for a few websites

  8. Wikiwand - makes Wikipedia very tasty.

I’m happy to say that I never fixed any issue caused by the extensions.

Regarding youtube ads: I am not a big youtube user, but I don’t see any ads there so it might be taken care of via my system-wide adblock via Asus merlin-wrt/ Diversion/pixelserv. On my nvidia shield I am using some youtube variant, SmartTube and do not see any ads there as well which of course, is also using Diversion via the router.