[HowTo] Undo Firefox feature changes

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

As Firefox introduces changes in order to appeal new users, some current users might prefer the prior behaviors. Here is a selection of changed features and how to undo / work around them.

88.0 : “View Image” is replaced by “Open Image in New Tab”

:star: You can vote to revert the feature there: Firefox : Bring back "View Image" - Mozilla Connect

98.0 : Files are downloaded by default

  • In the preferences, in General > Applications, change the action for the given content types.
    • :star2: Since 101.0: a setting right below the known content type list now allows to chose the default action for unknown content types.
  • :star2: Since 102.0: In order to use the system temporary folder when opening files, instead of the download folder, change browser.download.start_downloads_in_tmp_dir to true in about:config.

109.0 : Extensions button cannot be managed like other toolbar buttons

  • In about:config, change extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled to false, then restart Firefox. This option was removed in version 111.0.

:star: You can vote to revert the feature here: https://connect.mozilla.org/t5/ideas/please-let-us-move-the-new-extensions-button-into-the-overflow/idi-p/22979


Extensions button is back in Nightly as they have disabled the preference: