AMD Radeon software on Manjaro?

Hello, I just installed Manjaro as my first Linux distro a few hours ago. I have a 6700XT GPU, and I spent a considerable amount of time looking for AMD’s software which can make tweaking the GPU a little easier, which is available in Windows. I have looked around before asking, so I apologize if this has been asked before.

Does it exist for Manjaro, or Linux at all?


Not that I know of. Linux usually uses open source drivers for AMD GPUs. Nvidia is usually the one who needs extra steps to get the driver to work at all. Another reason I went all AMD for my current beast of a machine. Someone else might know otherwise about the tweaking of the AMD GPU on Linux then me.

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No, as I know there is no tweaking tool, developed by AMD for Linux, but there is Corectrl.

pamac install corectrl
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Thanks guys

So, does one ever need to really “update drivers” on a Manjaro system like you do on a Windows based system?

Screenshot related; When does one need to click on this option circled in red?

The drivers are updated when everything else is updated.
Aside from choosing your profile (ex: ‘video-linux’) you dont need to do anything extra.
The circled area does what it says - automatically installs open source drivers. You dont ever need to click it. Maybe you would want to after installing ‘proprietary drivers’ and wanting to revert… but on an AMD system there is no such proprietary driver or profile.

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Ok good to know.

I have seen some folks mention that, after a bit, Manjaro just starts to run “slowly” I am having this issue now. I do NOT want to reinstall Manjaro again lol. I prefer to just get this sorted. I was running Manjaro KDE Plasma on this exact same laptop 2 years ago, and had zero sluggish issues. However, now I am…In my research I saw that some folks mentioned things about graphical issues?

What would I need to look into to begin sorting out what is causing this sluggish behavior over prolonged usage?

I havent. Atleast not hwne it wasnt user error.
The install I type to you on is over 5 years old and not sluggish.

The query is also much too broad. Do you have processes hanging? Ones taking a lot of resources? Are there system errors in the logs? Etc.

Maybe you want to start a thread on that topic with some of the pertinent information?

Ill leave this here as a possible start: [HowTo] Provide System Information