AMD Radeon software on Manjaro?

Hello, I just installed Manjaro as my first Linux distro a few hours ago. I have a 6700XT GPU, and I spent a considerable amount of time looking for AMD’s software which can make tweaking the GPU a little easier, which is available in Windows. I have looked around before asking, so I apologize if this has been asked before.

Does it exist for Manjaro, or Linux at all?


Not that I know of. Linux usually uses open source drivers for AMD GPUs. Nvidia is usually the one who needs extra steps to get the driver to work at all. Another reason I went all AMD for my current beast of a machine. Someone else might know otherwise about the tweaking of the AMD GPU on Linux then me.

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No, as I know there is no tweaking tool, developed by AMD for Linux, but there is Corectrl.

pamac install corectrl
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Thanks guys