Am I the only one getting expired certificate warning on

Am I the only one getting expired certificate warning on

That was one of this guys criticisms about Manjaro:’s-has-a-big-problem:a

No, you are not the only one.
In fact it’s likely that everyone is getting this as of now.

The SSL certificate for is expired since yesterday (2022-11-05).

In my opinion, seeing as it’s not the main website or forum, perhaps it can use a simple Let’s encrypt certificate…


That server is not maintained. Last login was back in 2020. Also it uses ZeroSSL cert, which was an early version of Lets Encrypt. Most likely it hit the following bug: ZeroSSL no longer issuing/renewing certificates properly? · Issue #4046 · acmesh-official/ · GitHub The old script tries to renew on a daily basis and loops until it times out …

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if you mean something like this (Firefox message)

HTTPS-Only Mode Alert
Secure Site Not Available

You’ve enabled HTTPS-Only Mode for enhanced security, and a HTTPS version of is not available.

Learn More…
What could be causing this?

    Most likely, the website simply does not support HTTPS.
    It’s also possible that an attacker is involved. If you decide to visit the website, you should not enter any sensitive information like passwords, emails, or credit card details.

If you continue, HTTPS-Only Mode will be turned off temporarily for this site.

I’ve not ever been there before, but this is what I get when I try.

The issue is now the following. Discourse is meant to be updated all the time.Since we didn’t do it things may not work. I managed to renew the cert but the discourse instance is broken. Restoring the database is kinda tricky.


We tried all tricks in our playbook. Getting the Archived Forum back was not possible due to the nature of Discourse and its constant update cycles. Also the server was based on Ubuntu 16.04 and therefore not supported anymore. We thank Bytemark for sponsoring that server for so long and looking forward to amazing topics and discussions in our current support forum.


All understandable stuff, but a crying shame nonetheless: the Old Forum was a literal treasure trove full of nuggets when you needed to roll up your sleeves and tinker a bit…! Life goes on :wink:

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I find it regrettable that we cannot access anymore to the treasures of the old forum… I wanted namely to read something on it but I saw that it was impossible and then I have read this thread on the actual forum. Is there really no possibility to access it? it is indeed not very practical by using…

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It’s dead Jim.

I foresaw it’s eventual demise over a year ago. Hence why I created this post:

You can always try the Wayback Machine.


Looks like the Wayback Machine oldest post is August of 2020

1 Like was only created in August 2020 when previous forum crashed

Forum posts before this date are archived under original domain

Wayback machine also has some posts from 2012-2015 for the first forum, that was moved to

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