Alt+Tab when using Wayland in VM

The wayland support is getting better on each release, awsome! I’m trying to switch now permanently to wayland, but I do have this issue:
When pressing Alt+Tab when using VirtualBox (or Citrix Receiver client) the Alt+Tab event is hadled by the host OS (Manjaro+KDE) but I do like that it is forwarded to the guest OS. Is it possible to change this setting somewhere?

To clarify this: Alt+Tab switches between my applications. When another OS is started in VirtualBox and I do press Alt+Tab there it should switch between the applications in the guest OS inside VirtualBox (or Citrix Receiver) instead of the host/parent OS. It works when using X11 but not on Wayland.

I’m pretty sure you dont have to try that in a virtual machine you can simply switch between x11 and wayland in logout screen

Press the Windows key, is called HOST key by Virtualbox and the TAB key instead of the ALT key, then it should work as usual. So press HOST+TAB. Wayland works really great so far without any problems!

Even Wayland under Virtualbox works smoothly so far, that really amazed me.

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Pressing HOST+TAB works for VirtualBox - but not for Citrix Receiver. And well - I still prefer using the common Alt+Tab. So no possibility available to redirect Alt+Tab to the application when VirtualBox or Citrix is in Foreground?

It perfectly works on X11 - so it should also be supported somehow in Wayland?!

I assume that it will certainly all still come. Let’s just wait and see how Wayland develops further… I’m glad that it already works pretty well.