Alt + left/right arrow keys change tty's

Hi all, since about two weeks, i’ve been having an issue where, as in title, alt + arrow keys cycle through my tty’s, which:

  1. exit’s from my desktop environmet, disrupting my flow
  2. overwrites other shortcuts, like navigating through web or in Dolphin.
    I’ve googled for a while and couldn’t find a way to determine what is actually executing the shortcut, and going through Arch wiki didn’t help at all, since every Linux distribution and desktop environment handles shortcuts a bit differently. How do I change/disable this?
    I’m currently running:
    linux 5.10.7
    KDE Plasma: 5.20.5

Check your keyboard hotkey assignment in the KDE settings manager - you have most certainly changed it - perhaps not knowingly but alas.

I’ve went through all keyboard shortcuts and couldn’t find it. (in the settings manager)
EDIT: I’ve doublechecked by going through khotkeysrc, as I copied over it once, however There were no mentions of tty’s, only “Change of destination window”.



EDIT 2: an update came out today, fixing this issue.
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