All user installed extension gets removed after pc restart

New here, when i tried installing a new shell and added it to my pc whenever i restarted the computer the extensions i installed would get removed. So, i set the shell and everything else to default but it still keeps happening . Any way to fix this?

Hi @Faid,

Sounds like you’re using the Live Environment, which would do exactly this, as it’s not persistent. If you wish a persistent portable installation, rather look at Ventoy:

Also see:



the problem got solved after i removed all the 3rd party gtk files and put everything to default and reinstalled the extensions, the extensions didnt get removed this time , sorry for taking your time and thanks for replying

Sorry, what? No one knows what any of that means :thinking:

neither do i, i just did the gool ol restart and re install everything and it worked again

Im not, i installed it on my ssd and ran it after unplugging the usb. It worked without any problems until i tried to customize my theme and shell



such is life in the linux
Btw how do i close this forum? after all the problem is gone(for now at least)

Let’s ask the @moderators what should be done.

You don’t. :grin:
If you mean how to close this thread just mark one of your posts as solution, then the thread will be closed after a pre-defined time.


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