All my GNOME settings are lost after stable update

All my GNOME settings are lost. All my desktop is gone. Back to the default desktop! Any idea how to bring it back??

Finally, I found some time to dig into it. The update caused my desktop layout to set back to “Manjaro” style.I had to revert it back to “Modern” and everything was like before! …almost! Maybe some of the updates to GNOME 3.38 are responsible for some slight changes in the appearance.

3.38 for example removed the frequently used tab of the launcher which sucks because that was what I used as my primary launcher. I still like gnome best but hate the constant removing of useful features one after another as the project continues to “progress”, but has just become gnomes modus operandi. I like it over kde just because kde for me is a rabbit hole of configuration in which I find myself spending more time playing with my UI instead of getting work done but gnome does seriously annoy me with the making of major changes that you just have to live with. The removal of the most frequently used apps is definitely something I’m going to keep an eye out for an extension that will bring back that functionality because it worked well with my workflow. The person who removed the code and wrote up their “justification” for removal clearly never used it because most of the points they made for removal where completely false but hey that’s the way it goes.