After upgrade, the plasma UI is broken

There are a lot of problems I am facing in the UI, but one that hurts my eyes is the following. The texts are not well aligned and also its translucent. Earlier it was opaque

Even though I am trying to set it opaque, it is not working


I honestly do not see any issue on your screenshot, where exactly ?
Regarding opacity, it’s related to your plasma theme mainly or to Blur effect on System settings → Windows Management → Desktop Effects → Blur


Make sure to clear things and use compatible additions.

If you are on wayland. This may be a certain bug. I have a workaround in my /etc/environment:

# qt wayland font bug
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This is how the menu looked before upgrade

Clean, opaque, text is perfectly aligned with on-hover highlights and all

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This looks like you are using a theme that is not updated for plasma 6, or is otherwise incomplete.

Especially since you like opaque/flat … you might try mine;

Oh there is a thread here:

I have just upgraded libplasma to 6.0.4-1.1 and it is working fine. Who so ever pushed the release, a big :heart: from my side.


Its from here.
I guess referencing it in the Stable Announcement thread spurred action.

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