After updating, boot hangs at LUKS password

I usually use Timeshift to do a manual system backup before system upgrades. Today I forgot, and of course something went wrong…

At boot, the system hangs after I input my LUKS password. I can boot from USB and mount the encrypted partition with Dolphin without problems.

I have a dual boot setup (Windows 10) with these partitions, as listed by KDE Partition manager:

/dev/nvme01p1, fat32, "EFI system partition" (100 MiB)
/dev/nvme01p2, unknown, "Microsoft reserved partition" (16 MiB)
/dev/nvme01p3, ntfs, "Basic data partition" (232.65 GiB)
/dev/nvme01p5, ext4, No mount point shown, but this is my / (42.76 GiB)
/dev/nvme01p6, luks, No mount point , but this is where /home is (639.76 GiB)
/dev/nvme01p7, linuxswap (38.09 GiB)
/dev/nvme01p4, ntfs (499 MiB)
unallocated, unknown (1.32 MiB)

I have met the same problem before, but then just doing a hard reboot would allow me to restart. This time, starting over does not help. I have tried waiting for more than 5 minutes after typing my password to see if the initial de-encryption was slower (usually it’s about instantly, max a few seconds, to decrypt).

So, what to do next? Can I remove encryption, restart and then re-enable encryption?

Turns out the reason for my system hanging was that I hadn’t updated glibc to the newest version.

I had held it at 2.35-4 because of the issue with Ardour crashing on exit

With glibc 2.36-1 my machine is now starting again and Ardour exits gracefully.

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