After update today xfce then got error (Unknown filesystem efivars)

Today i updated my manjaro xfce , after updated i got error like this when start laptop Unknow file system efivars and also some error when restart or shutdown laptop. I am not sure is it any issue or just message.


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The short version of the previous would be:
do you actually have an issue
or are you just concerned about some messages you saw? :wink:

When my laptop pc restart or shutdown then i got this error message but laptop is running

My laptop is asus, corei5, 16gm ram. My running kernel is 5.18

**are you just concerned about some messages you saw? **
Just want to know about , anyone face this warning.

I googled this for you: “unknown filesystem efivars”
and the first hit was this thread here:

Manjaro boot error "mount: /sys/firmware/efi/efivars: unknown filesystem type 'efivarfs'

Perhaps it will help you - and/or perhaps you want to share some context and more information in order for others to be able to provide some insight.

I have checked already, I am waiting for next update. It was also happening in my office pc so i think this is new update issue.
Thank you for your help.