After Update - Error: no such cryptdisk found

Hello guys,

yesterday i set up a fresh new Manjaro Installation on my Tuxedo Pulse 15 Gen1. I used the newest iso (230316) with btrfs filesystem and default disk encryption. So i don’t have a special kind of disk partitioning, all i got is the default EFI partition and a encrypted btrfs root partition with 536MB swapfile.

After updating the new installed system (about 400 packages) i got this error everytime i start the system right after typing the disk encryption passwort:

no such cryptdisk found, perhaps a needed disk or cryptodisk module is not loaded.

But after about 10 Seconds or pressing a key the system starts normaly…

What causes the error and how can i fix this?

There is several topics dealing with this - please use the search function.

example search

some results

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