After start my PC, Screen getting fridged

After start my manjaro kde desktop, screen getting fridged; mouse and keyboard can’t move.

How can I solve this please?

System Info:

Manjaro version (Can’t remember, but latest stable version)


Provide the information as described here:

Sorry, I can’t follow this. Screen getting fridged & mouse and keyboard didn’t response.

If your user description is still correct, then you should switch the 5.13 kernel that is EOL = end of life, and install a supported kernel.

If you still have access to TTY, run this commends:
sudo pacman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
sudo mhwd-kernel -i linux515

Reboot in the newly installed kernel and see if the issue persists.

My kernel version is: 5.15.25 :neutral_face:

Ok, you will have to do this i guess

If the file mentioned in the wiki dosn’t exist, create it and add those details …

Didn’t solved :disappointed_relieved:

Ok, so your system is fully updated, you boot in linux5.15 kernel, no graphics troubleshoot helps from the wiki … Is the issue also present on a new user?

And/Or on live media?

Didn’t check it. I can’t check :pensive:

Can fresh new installation of manjaro can solve this problem??

Thanks, After a long time and huge try, this methods solve the problem.

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