After Rolling upgrade 2 days ago stuck after providing security decryption password

Hi Community,

After Rolling upgrade which I was done because webp CVE… and reboot my Manjaro stuck after providing security decryption password…

On screen I swe following error , keyboard does bot responde …

How to fix it or lastly how recover important data from decrypted hard drive …Disk Has default from Manjaro instalatorom decryption…

Please help, I have very important data…

Thx in advance,

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After Rolling upgrade 2 days ago my Carbon X18gen is bricked

I doubt it …

Besides the likely incorrect use of ‘brick’ … what is actually occurring?
Does “Rolling upgrade” just mean regular system updates?

This doesnt show anything … I guess you mean to share an image?
Remember you can also use your words.

I cant upload logs screen … i will send linka to my nextcloud

Ough, I can put here links…

You can post links using formatted text or by simply breaking the url.
Theres also a whole guide…

I am no Trusted Level 1 that so why Some moderator could grant me priviledges to post external links … Please

Just follow the instructions.

What instruction - it os so dificult here…

Exactlt error is on screen

I used Word Brick pointly, i know that does not suits here… But it ‘looks’

After regular Pacman -Syyu

After boot are you able to do Ctrl+Alt+F4?

The instructions are linked in this post of cscs:

First of all: don’t panic. Your data, even on an encrypted disk, will not be lost. - As long as you remember the password, that is. :smiley:

And then, yes, seeing the error message would be helpful to debug your problem. If posting links and screenshots does not work, can’t you just type the error messag off the screen?

No … I can’t…

I to complicated and complex error…

I do not panic , I know that starting Live ISO I can do it. Do you know Some tutorial for this…?

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Ok, thank you very much…

<link removed by moderator per OP request>

If screenshot are pure I will provide newest ones…

At the very least your set partitions are incorrect or the drive is broken.

This may be the beginning and end of it … or the rest of “X not found” is because of some form of partial-upgrade as well.

You will want to use something like a live USB and chroot:

From there you will want to compare /etc/fstab and make edits as necessary:

lsblk -f
cat /etc/fstab

And complete your updates:

sudo pacman -Syu

At least those are worth checking first … share any errors encountered.

No one can help without more information.

Please see:

@cscs Thank you for tip and your time I will follow yours instructions - hard driver is brand news Samsung Evo …

DONE solved but I had to install from scratch MJRO again :frowning: after only 0.5 Y of using. previousle I have been using one instalation of MJRO 7 years without reinstallation (only rolling upgrades which are great, sory was great) since last year I have many issues (python modules normalizer bin and so on - I just move or remove issued items)

Lastly rolling upgrade remove /etc/fstab to scratch default…

After adviced fullfil fstab OS also does not start…

Help workaround:

sudo su
pacman -Sy cryptsetup
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev//{disk_device} disk_name_as_you_want
mount /run/mapper/disk_name_as_you_want /mnt/disk_name

And I copied ma data to external disk temporarly…


Thx for your great HELP

@cscs Could you remove my NextCloud link address from this post – thx a lot in advance

You mean the url you posted?
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I’ve taken care of it. :wink:

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