After manjaro update, stuck with empty desktop


i have done an update yesterday with yay && flatpak update. There was a bunch of questions whether or not i want to install something and replace it. I foolishly did not read any of it and pressed “y” all time. Suddenly all my icons in the screenbar turned into something that looked like white notepaper and when i restarted the system, it looked completely different and when i log in now, there is no screenbar or anything else where i could get to my “plasma saves”.

Is there any chance to get this done without a timeshift restoration. And if not, how to do it. I did snapshots daily.

Is ask you all for help and sorry for not formatting, im stuck with my mobile phone right now.

Thank you in advance!

Have you performed any of the prescribed actions like clearing .config and .cache and using default themes, removing out of date widgets, etc ?
If not - see related threads.


I see, that is the case. I have some old widgets and my themes are probably not default. Normally i cleaned .config and .cache. Where do i go to?

I had latte dock also, and i read that you wrote it is not functional anymore. Please give me some information how to relaunch my system now.

I dont understand it. Where should i type a command? And how can i remove latte-dock, i have nothing left to work at the moment.

You can use a TTY by hitting Ctrl+Alt+F3

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If you have a Timeshift snapshot, i recommend to update again and do it the right way this time…

You don’t need to reset your system (this should be doing only if you can’t fix it the easy way).

Check this out:

Thank you, i guess ill try “the " easy” way" first.

Ok, im stuck in a blackscreen now.

By ? Resetting the desktop configs?
That cant be - the steps there would only affect a user after logging in.
That said your problem could very well be related to replacing core packages with unsupported third party ones.

sudo pacman -R latte-dock
rm -rf ~/.config/latte

…plus your choice of a reboot or log out/in should take care of Latte-Dock.