After last update, left Ctrl button issues - multiple systems

Most combos with left Ctrl is broken for me on multiple Cinnamon systems. Since that’s the only DE I use I cannot say if it exists outside that. I will say another user also reported Ctrl issues in the latest Stable update thread but did not mention his DE.

I did some digging and previously they said this was a bug in XOrg that had to get patched. But that was in 2018.

On my systems ( multiple ones so multiple keyboards ) if I try to do Ctrl+Shift for example, it does not work. But some things do. Ctrl+Alt left / right works. The majority of my issues are Ctrl+Shift but other things have not worked at times.

In the virtual keyboard I can bring up, when I press left Ctrl it never lights up to recognize it as being hit. Other keys do. But obviously that’s not completely right if Ctrl+Alt+left/right works.

I can use the right Ctrl and that works, but there’s no way I’m going to get used to that after a couple of decades of left Ctrl + something. :open_mouth:

In any case, something got borked with using the left Ctrl key in the update.

I will say I’m pretty sure it’s something with Cinnamon. I do have a bug report open with them.

I got home and validated it was still borked on the home desktop. Rebooted to my old drive with an install of Cinnamon and KDE on it that I keep around to test config changes since I don’t care if I break that too much.

It was on Cinnamon 5.4.3. Tested out things and it worked. Validated the same behavior in KDE. Updated and it’s now on 5.4.10. Broken. I logged into KDE and things worked fine there

It does indeed appear to be a bug… :arrow_down:

Phil pushed out Cinnamon 5.4.10-3 and that has fixed it for me. At least all the various uses of Ctrl I normally use.

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I have the same issue with Cinnamon Manjaro the left CTRL key not working in GIMP for some tools but generally working ! For instance in the healing tool, coicie of an new reference region works only with the right CTRL key. Common command with left CTRL work as opening, new file etc… works.
I am in a recently Nov 28th 2022 installed 5.15.78-1-Manjaro running Cinnamon 5.4.12
I was previously on Manjaro KDE without this issue.
Strange. Thank you for any help, as this Cinnamon Manjaro is otherwise quite nice.