After huge Update no access Firetools - Firejail sandbox


since a large Manjaro-Update today – 476 libraries/programs -
Firetools can’t acces Firejail sandbox any longer.

Error message :“Cannot run Firejail sandbox, you may not have
the correct permissions to access this program.“

Firejail and Apparmor are installed;firejail.default is in complain mode of Apparmor now to exclude
Before running update it was in enforce mode and everything worked fine.
In /etc/firejail/firejail.users the standard user name is listed as before.

Please help me to find out why it’s going wrong and how I can get access again by Firetools to Firejail sandbox.

exact same issue/message here

exact same issue/message here

Ah, threefold issue.
Anybody of the team or any other experienced Manjaro user who has ideas what might be
the problem and how to solve it?