Adding "application dock" to panel seems to do nothing

Using MATE 1.14.1 on Manjaro Nibia.
Adding “application dock” to panel seems to do nothing.
Is this not working, can I reinstall something etc. or what can I do to use it?

I’ve already created a completely new panel from scratch and added only the dock - no results.


  1. Go ‘Pamac’ and download and install, ‘mate-tweak’. This a fork of Mintdesktop.

  2. Go to control centre and find mate tweak and click on it.

  3. Choose middle option ‘Panel’ and then select then select Gnome2 panel option

  4. You should now see options to select Dock - when you click on that it will activate "Plank’

  5. Plank is a simple but very efficient dock utility.

  6. Plank controls can be activate by hoverin mouse curson on the external edge of the plank and clicking right mouse button.

  7. This will give you options to modify the dock as you like.

  8. In the Docklets section, there is an option for application menu.

  9. To add icons from menu, drag them to the dock, to remove them, drag them to the desktop to vaporise them.

Hope this helps

I posted a possible solution here:

@redroo Plank is a different kind of dock, I think @ProfP30 means the MATE Dock applet:

Screenshot at 2021-03-27 15-39-27

The package got updated and is now working again.

@redroo: Yeah, I was referring to the mate-dock-applet, not to Plank.
@Mickey: Thank you very much. Will test this and close the thread accordingly.